A Brief on Divorce Dazed

This is not what I had planned.
It's not what anyone has planned when they say 'I Do'.

I was married in 1995 at age 22.
Ten years of marriage and three children later I divorced in 2006.

I've learned a lot in life; especially through my divorce.

The most important lessons:
  1. Life goes on 
  2. You don't go through divorce, you grow through it...that is if you allow yourself to

Whether you only are just about to head into a divorce, are in middle of one or have been divorced for a number of years, your divorce (as well as the marriage) will always be a chapter in your life.  

It is what it is and it's time to put on your big boy or big girl pants and get to work on YOU.
Yes, YOU.

If you're not ready leave now and come back when you are.

This will be the most life changing experience you will ever go through. I want you be positive about it!
And that is why I created this blog; I was so tired of seeing so many negative websites geared towards hate, negativity and shame.

Thank you for visiting my 'Divorce Dazed' Blog; the subject isn't great but the support is!

Read on, bring your questions, and keep thinking positive.


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