Thinking About Divorce?

Getting married is easy...Getting Divorced is not.

I was married almost 10 years before I decided it was time to get divorced.
As before you got married, you asked yourself 'How do I know it's right?',
You should be asking yourself the same question before choosing to divorce....
How do you know it's right?
(A mother of three children I tried everything before I resorted to divorce...I recommend you do too.)

E-mail me with your questions and/or seek some insight with some of these online resources.

6 Signs:
Should I Get a Divorce?:
Does the Bad Outweigh the Good?:
Questions to Ask Yourself:

If you've come to the decision that divorce is absolutely necessary, I may be able to help sort out your thoughts before you reach court. Most likely, any attorney will accept your case, though may not have time to help you make decisions, or learn how to speak when it's your turn. Let me help you gain a clear focus and are prepared for what lies ahead. Contact me today for help.